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There is another way to do pastry: natural, free from refined sugars, with healthy, nutritious and sustainable ingredients. It is easy if you know how. And you are about to.

What our students say…

Diana Marcela Castellanos

This course exceeded my expectations. The diversity of recipes and techniques learned create a solid ground to keep experimenting in chocolate confection making. Lore's personalized interaction makes it easy to succeed! I totally recommend it.

Jezebel Arnoldi

The whole course is beautifully structured and designed, it's the most amazing learning experience I ever had. All of the recipes are amazing and the knowledge provided is really valuable and extensive. I would recommend this course for anyone who's interested in learning more about making their own healthy chocolate confections.


Whether you are new or experienced wanting to refine your skills, this course will provide you with the knowledge and easy to follow steps [...] The ingredients used are plant-based and without refined sweeteners, making it a healthy and nutritious sweet/dessert/snack. The instructor is there to help you and give more information/advise to you, making the journey of learning more fun and inspiring you to be creative. This is a very recommended course!

Fawni Spottswood

Take it! You will love it and will love all the recipes. Lore is great! Very talented and is a perfectionist in what she does. And she gives great online feedback and is very kind and supportive!

Stephanie Katz

This is an amazing course for anyone that chooses to enrich and deepen their knowledge in plant-based, unrefined chocolate making. I’m excited as I will definitely be signing up for future courses! Lore and her team are the best!